Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nautilus Cove Condo Declaration of Condominium






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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

You want NCC condo Information?  You came to the right place!

Want to read thew 10 page Concord Management Agreement? Go to: and take a look. It was signed 10/4/10 and runs until 10/3/13 at which time I hope we will get rid of the 3rd rate Concord management firm and get a decent firm to run the complex.

For Your Information

You can see current and past Owners List's, Delinquency List's and old condo newsletters at: and you can click on this direct link to see the meeting minutes for the last 6 years:, for 185 NCC photos see:

also look at:

Declaration of Condo:
By-Laws of NCC -
NCC Articles of Incorporation -
Rules and Regulations -
New 10/4/10 Condo Management Agreement -

Old Condominium Management Agreement -
Budgets of 2012, 2012 Balance Sheet of 10/2010 -
6 NCC Newsletters:

NCC Email addresses FYI:
Barbara Simmons,  (Owner #802) is BOD President
Lenny DiGiacomo   (Owner) is BOD VP
Norman Knight, Developer Appointed, Secty/Treasurer

Concord Management at NCC:
   Office Tel:  235-1009
   Office Fax:  235-1282
   Office Email:
Concord's Regional Manager - Panhandle
or:  Concord Management, LTD
(407) 741-8600 Fax: (407) 975-9109
PO Box 940729, Maitland, FL 32794-0729

Concord Executive Contact Information:
Mr. Ed Kleiman (President)
Mr. Michael S. Yonge (Executive Vice President)
Mr Andrew Frye (Director of Credit and Collections)